Who Can Afford an Outreach Pastor?

Outreach Pastor.  It seems like a title only a mega-church could finance.  What smaller congregation could afford to finance a staff member devoted solely to outreach ministries?  Depending on your setting, it actually may make great sense to invest early on in an outreach pastor. 

First, let me clarify my terminology.  The position of outreach pastor is not synonymous with the more traditional role of evangelism pastor.  The primary role of an outreach pastor is to forge community relationships.  For a start-up church or a congregation needing revitalization, this position could be essential.

An effective outreach pastor will constantly be asking, “How can we serve you?”  While finding ways to serve the local schools, community organizations, and surrounding neighborhoods, an outreach pastor is building critical relationships that will result in church growth and essential community development.  In this sense, an outreach pastor becomes your church’s full-time ambassador to the community. 

Look carefully at your church’s mission and setting.  You may find that an outreach pastor is the best first hire or next hire for your setting.


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